About Us

Have you ever struggled to access an IoT lab and had issues with long delivery times or expensive hardware? Simuli, formerly known as the IoTIFY Virtual Lab, aims to solve these problems for universities and hobbyists. We want to ensure that everyone wishing to teach and learn electronics can do so in a simplified, accessible, and effective manner through a cloud-hosted platform. 

With this in mind, IoTIFY launched Virtual Lab as its first product in 2017. As the product saw a lot of organic traction among universities, hobbyists and the education space, we decided to relaunch the IoTIFY Virtual Lab as a completely independent product focused on IoT education in 2022. In pursuit of being the one-stop solution for IoT education, the product was rebuilt from the ground up to improve the user experience and stability. With this release, we have also expanded our collection of boards to include the Arduino and STM32 and added several new sensors to our collection. Simuli is actively backed and supported by the team at IoTIFY. We constantly strive to improve the platform with new features and capabilities, which are instantly accessible to the users as we are a fully cloud-based platform.

Meet our team

Robin Biju Thomas

Product Lead

Julie Eriksen

Marketing Lead

Francesco Lavra

Senior Virtualization Engineer

Axel Martinez

Full Stack Developer

Akash Goswami

Senior Architect

Jayraj Roshan

Technical Evangelist

Thale Gartland

Executive Assistant

David Sønstebø


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